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Our Story

Our Story
Our Mission

Infatuation the label isn’t just a clothing line. We want to make each and every woman feel infatuated with themselves. Being self-infatuated is so important for all women to become who they were meant to become, no matter what struggles they face. We want to support other women by donating 5% of all profits to a non-profit foundation that gets female hygiene products to homeless women and girls. It’s our mission to have every single woman feel loved and infatuated with themselves and they life they live.

What is Infatuation?

Infatuation is all about being obsessed with being YOU. It means to eliminate all negative energies and feelings and turn it into an obsession with loving yourself and supporting other women to love themselves as well. Our clothing is not just a shirt or just a crewneck. They are Infatuation clothing pieces, where you will feel loved and empowered when wearing them. When you wear our clothing, you are empowering yourself and other women to be infatuated with who they are.

The Company

In our first line of clothing, we put some empowering quotes on t-shirts to express infatuation with being a woman. This is our original collection where Infatuation the label started. We have lots of new collections to come, you’ll be infatuated with it all!

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